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I have built up a circle of people who enjoy the same sort of adult things that I do, and I hope you enjoy their pictures and movies... If sexual scenes would offend you, please go no further!


A farewell notice to friends of the site...

After many years, I have decided that the time has come to close this site - the opportunities to collect an d publish photographs are getting fewer and the occasions when people need their pictures removed are getting more frequent..

I hope you have all enjoyed the range of pictures and videos displayed here - I certainly enjoyed taking them!

This site will remain operational for a few more weeks, but will probably expire around June 23rd...

Peter xx



Last pictures Videos Added
Beverley is kept busy L S Feb 2019

Another taker for my largest dildo

L S Feb 2019
Another cock to enjoy L S Feb 2019
Rhossili and Sub Sue L S Feb 2019



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