Charlotte meets Beverley...

As you will know from earlier pages, Charlotte is not averse to a bit of pain - alright, a LOT of pain...  So when, on my last trip up to Chester, I discovered that Beverley was very good at administering discipline, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I was keen to get the two of them together... After initial introductions and a bit of cock sucking, we got Charlotte tied up to a beam and Beverley got to work with a nice springy cane and then she moved on to a whip which soon had Charlotte yelping - the video records her sounds very well...  During the afternoon, I managed to fuck Beverley twice, but didn't have the energy to Fuck Charlotte as well. When I had taken Charlotte home at the end of the day, she obviously felt a bit left out, and so I gave her a good fucking as a "night-cap" to help her sleep...  

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Beverley chastising Charlotte




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