Beverley's latest visit to Bristol

I was staying in Bristol recently, and invited Tony and Beverley over for the evening. Four other guys were supposed to be joining us but, as is often the case, I got a couple of last-minute reasons/excuses and no-one arrived... Luckily, the three of us enjoy each other's company, and so the evening proved a great success - Beverley is really good at sucking cock, teasing the head with her tongue, and she then enjoys having it fill her pussy and her arse, while Tony can make her cum like a train! Tony and I also enjoyed ourselves while Bev had a short break and I eased myself into Tony's arse - a lovely tight fit.. Finally, I shot my cum into Bev's pussy and Tony rounded off the evening by sucking it out, then filling it with his own cum... 

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Beverley sucks my cock




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