Personal Pix - Sue

Sue sent me these pictures, together with the following text...  am a fairly convincing TV on the larger side of the spectrum rather than the small. I have a love of sucking cock and pussy, plus I am also a fairly new convert to A. The thought of being at the beck and call of one and all is a massive turn on for me and I just love the taste of cum! Happy to swallow or take it all over my face or anywhere else for that matter, whatever the moment dictates really! being married, I do not get to play as often as I would like but I do get opportunities quite a few times throughout the year. There are even occasions when I can entertain at my place. I am based in Hertfordshire not far from J26 and J25 of the M25, so easy to get to and from. My email address is   Well I for one fancy nibbling those lovely tits and being sucked off till I cum in her luscious mouth... 

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