Threesomes and more

As the group has grown, there have been a few opportunities for three of us to meet together - although finding suitable times still proves to be quite a problem! These occasions usually give me the opportunity to take some better photographs, although I still want to take an active part in everything that is going on!! It also means that the lucky recipients can experience their mouth and their arse being fucked at the same time...


Phil's Party

Phil's Party Part 2

And now - at last - a 4-some!

Alicia and Michelle

Petra Alicia and Michelle

Beverley Entertains!

Liz Entertains!

Liz Entertains! Part 2

Introducing Elly!

Elly Liz and Beverley

Charlotte and Frances

Charlotte and Frances Part 2

Charlotte and Jan

Charlotte and Lady Marti..

Charlotte and Mikey..

Charlotte and Mary at Harry's

Charlotte's Party

Charlotte's Party Part 2

Charlotte helps Rick dress

Charlotte helps Rick dress Part 2

A party at Charlotte's

A party at Charlotte's Part 2

Charlotte and Sarah

Charlotte and Sarah Part 2

Charlotte and Sarah get reacquainted

Dee and Alysia

Debbie and Charlotte are kept busy..

Duncan and Emma..

Dennis and Frances

Dennis and Frances Part 2

David and Glenn

Duncan and Harry

Dennis and Jim

Another session with Dennis and Jim

Lisa Duncan and Ted..

Lisa Duncan and Ted. Part 2

Mike and I enjoy a trio of girls !

David meets Rick

Another session with David and Rick

Dennis and Steve in a 3-some session

If you knew Suzie...

Harry and Colin

Another session with Harry and Colin

Harry's Back!

Harry's Back! Part 2

Another party at Harry's

Harry and Erica host another party

Harry's Farewell Party

Here come the Girls!

The last two sets of photos before the move..

New Home party

New Home party Part 2

Harry and Erica host another party

Harry and Erica with Mary

Another party with Harry and Erica

Another party with Harry and Erica Part 2

Erica and I enjoy Kitty

January party at Harry and Erica's

Another Dorking House Party

Kitty back at Dorking

Another party at Dorking

A 3some with Harry and Erica

The July party at Dorking

A visit to Harry and Erica

Another visit to Harry and Erica

Some BDSM at Dorking

New Year with Harry and Erica

Harry and Erica with Sylvia

Evening party at Harry and Erica's

A nice time with Harry and Erica

February party at Harry and Erica's

March party at Harry and Erica's

March party at Harry and Erica's Part 2

PVC Lisa with Erica

Harry and Erica

Sally's Birthday Bash

When Harry met Charlotte and Mary

When Harry met Charlotte and Mary Part 2

Harry gets a taste of Rick

Harry and Rick get together again

Another session with Harry and Rick

Rick and Harry again

Jackie brings a friend round

Jan and Harry - and Jose...

Jan and Mary

Jackie introduces Rick to the group

Another session with Rick and Jackie

Jackie and Steve

Lisa and Donna

A 3-some with Mike and Andy!

Another 3-some session

Charlotte and Mike

Mary and Charlotte meet Harry again

Mike and Jackie

A threesome with Mike and Jackie

Mary and Jan at Harry's...

A Milton Keynes session

Michelle and Lue

Michelle and ... Michelle

Michelle and ... Michelle Part 2

A session with Mike and Rick

Sinner takes it in both holes

Orpington Party Pictures (Rosemary and Simone)

Lots of girls at the Orpington party

Rick with Charlotte

Charlotte and Rikki - Two ladies in black...

Debbie spit-roast with Rick

A session with Rick and Mary

Rick hosts a party

Rick hosts a party Part 2

Rick and Sean get together

Suzie gets to know Rick

Samantha and Caroline

Sally visits Rick

Suzanne has a party!

Introducing Tina London!

Paulette and Charlotte enjoying themselves at Suzanne's

Suzanne and the girls!

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